Dream Home

I just ran across pictures of my old home from 2002!  A ranch house - circa 1951 - that I redesigned into a more modern home.  It became my dream house!  After painting the exterior and updating window/shutters/doors as well as redefining interior spaces, it was transformed from a fifties ranch to a Mediterranean villa.  [...]

Curb Appeal

It is that time of year when everyone takes a fresh look at the exterior of their homes.  Whether it is new paint, architectural details, or landscaping, we all want to spruce up our houses and increase curb appeal.  We have consulted with several homeowners over the past month to do just this!  One client [...]


It is SPRING!  It is time to refresh and do your spring cleaning.  We have fielded lots of questions about exterior paint colors, and we wanted to share a few pictures of our new favorite color scheme!  We are big fans of gray on gray, so much so that Margy just did this at her [...]

Creating a Family Home

We had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful young woman who is newly married, new to the Atlanta area, and has an adorable toddler.  She recently inherited precious heirlooms from her grandmother which included beautiful artwork done by her grandmother.  The challenge was to figure out the best way to incorporate these pieces into her [...]

Creating Old World Charm in a Modern Space

We were recently hired for our first commercial job.  What an interesting and unique challenge!  We were asked to place furniture and hang artwork in a compelling and effective way.  Our client wants the feeling of old world charm and warmth in a modern high rise space.  We used what they had and made recommendations [...]

Blending Old and New

Our latest project involved the purchase of a furnished condominium in Florida. The owners wanted to combine some of what they inherited with the condo with the family pieces that they had. Incorporating the old with the new gave the owner a sense of comfort and created a feeling of home.